Commercial Property Marketing


Commercial property marketing is essential to getting the word out to the marketplace about your unique offering. Depending on your property and its specific features, we’ll develop a customized commercial property marketing plan and continuously seek out additional avenues for exposure in order to achieve success for you.



You’ll be provided with updates, information, photos and/or copies of our materials so that you can monitor the progress we’ve made and be assured that we’re doing everything we can to expose your property to the audience that will give you the highest chances for a quick and successful sale or lease.


The list below will provide you with insight on some of the techniques we’ll use in marketing your commercial property. The methods we use will vary depending on your property’s attributes and we’ll discuss the options and opportunities with you prior to proceeding. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the exposure or discretion your project requires.


Commercial Property Valuations

Commercial property valuations are an important step in setting the parameters for your commercial property marketing. To determine the value of your property, we’ll visit the location to gather information, compile the results and discuss the details with you. This will give you, and us, a realistic view of your offering as it competes in today’s marketplace.


Commercial Property Listing Databases

To ensure exposure, your property listing will be included in leading online listing databases where purchasers and tenants as well as other brokerage professionals can access it.


Area Canvassing & Cold Calling

We’ll present your property to prospective purchasers or tenants using our proven method of focused canvassing and cold calling and qualify any leads for you.


Brokerage Community

Often, outside real estate professionals work together to match potential prospects with your property, so we’ll expose your property to the local commercial real estate community to identify any viable leads.


Brochures / Postcards / Direct Mail

Based on your property’s attributes, high quality brochures and postcards can be developed and distributed to specific market segments.


Property Photos

Your property’s features will be highlighted in the best way possible through exterior property photos. If your property has unique interior features, we may set up a photo shoot to capture these details as well.


Property Signage

Property signage can be installed on your property for maximum visibility.


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